TOTO in sideways rain

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This summer TOTO visited our part of the country during their 2015 World Tour. The concert took place at the Mølleparken Open Air Arena in Sønderborg, Denmark.

Unfortunately the weather gods had decided to deliver rain and wind, or as Steve Lukather wrote on his facebook page, it was “raining sideways”. 

Nevertheless, 5.500 people showed up and were, according to Lukather, “strong wet, smiling and singing” – yes, we had a fantastic evening thanks to Lukather and Co. Although some of them were sick, TOTO was on fire. “I bless the rains down in Africa” – they surely were in Sønderborg! 

Look at the rain coming in sideways behind David Paich! The crew was busy covering instruments and drying other equipment.

Thank you very much David Paich, Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams,  Mabvuto Carpenter, Steve Porcaro, Jenny Douglas-Foote, Shannon Forrest, David Hungate and Lenny Castro (not on the picture).

All photos are – as allways – copyright Karsten Gill.